Wedding Inspiration Shoot in Hallstatt

by Thomas & Cornelia

A couple of weeks ago we packed our gear, drove to Hallstatt / Upper Austria and did this awesome Wedding Inspiration Shoot. Kudos to this fabulous team being so flexible and coming with us all the way from Vienna and Graz. And special thanks to Verena Kindermann – Exclusive Weddings Austria organizing this shoot with us and to elfenkleid for supporting us with this beautiful dress. Isn’t it just gorgeous?! If you’re interested – it’s the White Eternity of the White Edition. The weather wasn’t ideal on this day but on a wedding day you have to deal with it anyway so it’s not a problem for us. It was so much fun and honour to work with all of you. Thanks.

Photography: Thomas Steibl & Cornelia Weinberger
Coordination & Location Styling: Verena Kindermann – Exclusive Weddings Austria
Models: Denise & Christoph
Makeup & Hair: Lela Siebert, The Redhead
Dress: Elfenkleid
Jewellery: Feichtinger Schmuckhandel
Flowers: Grüne Laune Floristik
Location: Hallstatt


  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about with the weather because I can’t imagine these being more beautiful, great job!

  2. Beautiful! I love that first image, and the one where the focus is on the mountain behind the blurred couple. Love the vibe of that one. Great work 🙂

  3. The low-key black and white with the mountain in the background? It made me gasp. AMAZING set, truly beautiful.

  4. When I saw the image of the couple sitting on the diving board in black and white, I had to leave a comment because it’s beautiful beyond words!

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