About us

Hello! We are Thomas & Cornelia. We are a wedding photographer couple based in Vienna, Austria. Thomas has always been into art in one way or another. After some years of concert-, interview- and portrait shooting, Thomas had the opportunity to shoot a wedding of a friend of ours in 2009. From the beginning Cornelia was part of the team and started her career as his second shooter.

But it wasn’t until Thomas’ graduation from University and some working experience as a tax assistant in a big accounting firm that he has got a clear vision what he is really passionate about and what he wants to do in his life.

Since the day we shot our first wedding, we are in love with documenting this special occasion.


We give one another strength when we need it and motivation to strive for our dreams. We both love handmade and comfy interior. Thomas especially likes minimal stuff, graphic design and typography. We like to watch the sky at night. Thomas likes technical gear a lot. We both love our Macs. Cornelia likes cooking and we both adore italian food, especially Pizza. We love well-told stories and like watching independent movies at home on the couch. We love good music. Thomas is a fashion and shoes lover. Cornelia requests his fashion advice from time to time and loves to receive sweet compliments from Thomas. We are fond of the nature, the mountains and the forest. We both like wood and handmade things. We love our families and friends. We are grateful for what we have and passionate about what we do.


Cornelia was born in Ebensee (1984) and Thomas was born in Schärding (1985)

Both completed HTL specializing in Informatics (2004), where they first met

Thomas got his hands on his grandfather’s DSLR for a roadtrip throughout Europe (2007) another purpose of this trip was to bring Cornelia to Rotterdam for her semester abroad. Cornelia already had a crush on Thomas

Thomas, a bit delayed, received the signals …
We fell in love (Cornelia: “finally”) (2008)

Cornelia received a Masters Degree with a major in Logistics and Transportation (2009)

Thomas received a Masters Degree with a major in Taxlaw and Bachelor of Laws with a major in Business law (2011)

Started our own business (2012)
Living our dream.